Talents are what makes a nation start and an industry bloom. Talents are fundamental to enterprise development. Tianshan Group respects knowledge, valuable talents, brings in talents from many channels, collects talents with high efficiency mechanism and cultivates talents on wide platforms, providing powerful asset for enterprise development.

Introduction of talents: Tianshan establishes a high standard, moderately advanced talent introduction mechanism and opens up channels like Campus Recruitment, Social Recruitment and Overseas Introduction, with the idea of quality first, combined with abilities to recruit more capable personnel.

Training for talents: Tianshan Group established a full-dimensional systematic training system, based on on-the-job training, with the base point of occupational demand, aimed at quality enhancement and has brought about successive Tianshaners who strive to move forward and forge ahead.

Promotion: The mechanism of promotion based on result and achievement rather than age and status. The employee can fully perform themselves and mutually effect each other as a result in forming an encouraging work environment in the company.

Basic requirements for employee:filial, grateful, honest, integrate, upright, modest, harmonious, generous, respectful, comprehensive, diligent and progressive.

Working style required for the employees: honest and practical; active and responsible; trustworthy and worthwhile.

Employee professional moralities: job-loving, loyal, integrate and hardworking.