Serving our customers:
Make efforts to exploit and find out customers' demands based on the idea of adding up values for them.
Provide them with -- high quality service of sustainable appreciation.
Provide them with -- constantly improved and well-equipped living environment.
Provide them with -- harmonious and comfortable living surroundings.
Provide them with -- excellent quality products.
Provide them with -- total product solutions with low maintaining and usage cost.

Pursuing for the excellence:
Showing great enthusiasm and passion to the job.
Willing to make extra efforts for high quality results.
Strong passion, great courage to overcome difficulties.
Capable to challenge the existing limitations and unceasingly setting up higher targets.
Pursuing for product details, providing the society with a high quality and highly competitive products.
Innovating and perfecting the operation mode with the aim of enhancing efficiency and profits.

Self perfection:
Making it as a habit to constantly update and enhance personal quality.
Active in learning new knowledge, new ideas, new skills with purpose to enhance professional abilities and make the business skills more competitive.
Willing to receive criticism and suggestions and taking actions with optimistic attitude.
Formulating personal study development targets with one's own characteristics.
Paying attention to mutual benefits when cooperating with others.