Providing entrepreneurs with systematic service framework to support startup and development

SME Incubation Base is a systematic service framework provided for entrepreneures by government or society, as well as a new social economic organization, which can reduce start-up enterprises' risks and costs, lower the threshold, enhance enterprise survival rate and success rate and speed up the generation and development of an enterprise. During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, the province planned to build 3-5 national level start-up incubation bases; highlighted to support 20 to 30 incubation bases to reach provincial level. Each city (State), and key counties shall also establish 1 to 2 incubation bases. It was expected there would be 70 bases established in the province.

Tianshan Technology Industrial Park is the major project of Shijiazhuang and one of the SME Incubation Bases of Hebei Province during the 15th Five-Year-Plan period, which created a precedent for private enterprise to attract investment independently.

Hebei SME Shijiazhuang Start-up Coaching Base was developed and built in 2003 and was gave the title of "Hebei SME Shijiazhuang Start-up Coaching Base" in June 2004 by Hebei SME Bureau. And it was also identified as regional technology enterprise incubator in 2012.

Hebei SME (Shijiazhuang) Start-up Coaching Base is the key program of Shijiazhuang during the 15th Five-Year-Plan period, as a large industrial park zone sponsored by Hebei SME Bureau and undertaken by Tianshan Group. There are 164 enterprises located here, covering electronics technology, chemical industry, print and other fields.

The second phase is supporting apartment area, providing enterprises with living security for their rapid development; the third phase is high-tech plant office area, consisting of four L-like high-tech comprehensive buildings integrated with production, scientific research and office, in straight line arrangement, dispersed in the two wings of the main entrance, forming into a complete group image alongside Yangtze River Avenue.