Hebei Tianshan Fitness Service Co., Ltd.

Hebei National Fitness Activity Center

In the late 1990s, Tianshan had established the largest indoor water recreation center ---- Tianshan sea world in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. The construction of this center pioneered the fitness, leisure entertainment in Shijiazhuang, and enriched the recreational life for citizens and won high reputation among the tourists from all over the world. In October, 2002, this project is awarded as the national AAAA tourist destination.

Location of project: shijiazhuang, hebei province high-tech zone

Be full of tropical scenes and subtropical ambience, to bring happiness to people

A variety of novel, interesting and special projects based on “Water”, to make people feel the charms of a watery town in four seasons

Be equipped with dining, bathing centers and high-end hotel. Fitness and entertainment project includes wave simulation, water entertainment, catering and bath


Sea world plaza

Phase II of Tianshan Sea World

Sea world plaza is the second section of sea world project which is designed by the top design companies. This establishment is a new milestone of China tourism history and brings endless charming to the travelling and creation in Shijiazhuang city.

The architectural appearance is inspirited from the classical European sailing ship, illustrating a special, impressive, powerful and delicate charm

To advocate the concept of healthy living. It is the first comprehensive concrete plaza in Hebei province which includes sports, fitness, family actions, culture, and recreation.



Tianshan sea world·Meter cubic


The concept of this project is designed by the international famous company and its main construction is designed by famous domestic Institute of architectural design. 900t will be the largest indoor constant-temperature water fitness center in China. The green park (900 acres) and the elegant and comfortable five-stars hotel also improve ·the comprehensive value of Tianshan ? Meter cubic.

Project position: Xiaozhan town, Jinnan district, Tianjin city

Ranked one of the top 20 key projects of Tianjin service industry in 2010

Applied a complex and advanced structure system of string arch truss and single-layer reticulated shell which is unique in the nationwide

Integrate northern and southern flavors in a constant-temperature environment

Combine the functions of leisure fitness, travel, vacation and special restaurants. It is an indoor water Disneyland in the worldwide.