• April2014 the fifth session of the owners' movement in Tianshan group chairman of the board of directors held; Wu Zhenshan was elected president of the association of private enterprises in Hebei province;

    April 28, 2014 the province model worker, advanced worker and advanced collective commendation meeting held in the provincial capital of Hebei hall. Provincial Party Secretary Zhou Benshun attended the meeting and gave a speech, governor Zhang Qingwei chaired the meeting, vice chairman Wu Zhenling Tianshan group won the Hebei province labor model;

    May 20, 2014 20 anniversary of the glorious cause China promotion of the Guangcai four session of the five Council meeting held in Henan Xinyang. On the meeting, Tianshan group chairman of the board of directors Wu Zhenshan and 103 entrepreneurs won the China Guangcai 20 anniversary outstanding contribution certificate of honor; China securities investment fund industry association formally to the Hebei Tianshan Rongshun Investment Company Limited issued a "manager of private investment fund registration certificate". This marks a thawing Shun Investment in China officially became a securities investment fund industry Association registration of private equity investment fund management; financial institutions can engage in independent "development of private securities investment, equity investment, venture capital and other private equity fund business".

    May 28, 2014 as the Tianshan group in response to the strategy of the western development key projects -- the Tianshan sea world? The Yellow River Mingzhu project was officially launched in Ningxia Yinchuan. Famous Tianshan Group officially stationed in this history of the ancient city of the frontier, according to the national AAAAA level scenic area standard, global the largest indoor constant temperature all year round, meticulously, water recreation projects with international top, the total construction area of 43000 square meters, a total investment of 1000000000 yuan rmb.

    July2014 Hebei Tianshan Industrial Group Co. Ltd., won the 2013 annual Shijiazhuang 50 private enterprises second.

    August 2, 2014 "Yinchuan sea world the Yellow River pearl tourism complex" project signed in Yinchuan, marking the Tianshan Group Real Estate Development Company Limited formally settled in Ningxia Yinchuan.

    August 6, 2014, Chengde Tianshan Shuixie Huadu District, the implementation of the project acceptance by the national ceremony.

    August 23, 2014 two period of Tianshan sea world - Sea World Plaza grand opening, as the theme of the commercial leading experiential commercial complex, a comprehensive upgrade of Shijiazhuang city entertainment experience joy, become a leisure and entertainment destination in North china.

  • January, 2013  Wu Zhenshan, Chairman of the Board was selected to be a NPC member for the 12th National People's Congress; Tianshan Group performed bold and resolute reforms to divide its real estate sector into four major parts, i.e. the Business Group, the Industrial Group, the Residence Group and Tianshan Capital Group and combined with the former Building Group and the Industry Group, Tianshan has formerly established its six primary groups under independent operation until now.

    February 2013 Tianshan Group was prized as the "contract abiding & trustworthy enterprise" by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

    March 2013 Tianshan Real-estate was selected as China's Top 100 Real Estate Development Enterprise and China's Top 10 Responsible Real Estate Development Enterprise by China Real Estate Research Association and China Real Estate Association.

    April 2013 Tianshan Group was awarded as the "national demonstration enterprise for labor dispute prevention and conciliation" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China and All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce; in addition, Tianshan Rongshun Company renamed as Rong Shun Funds.

    May 2013 Wu Zhenshan, Chairman of the Board was elected as vice-chairman of China Real Estate Research Association.

    July, 2013 Tianshan Sea World·Square Cube was grandly opened, when nearly 20,000 tourists arrived that very day, proving its extreme popularity; Hebei Top 100 Enterprise Rank Ordering Committee prized Tianshan Group with "Hebei Top 100 Enterprise" and "Hebei Pacesetter Enterprise of the Real Estate Industry in 2013".

    October 2013 Hebei Real Estate Chamber of Commerce was set up and Chairman Wu Zhenshan was named as the first Chairman.

    2013年12月   董事局主席吴振山当选为全国工商联房地产商会副会长;

  • April 2012 Wu Zhenshan, Chairman of the Board was honored as the "Excellent NPC Member in Hebei Province" by the General Office of Hebei NPC Standing Committee.

    May 2012 Wu Zhenshan, Chairman of the Board was elected as vice-chairman of Hebei Federation of Industry and Commerce.

    August 2012 Tianshan Waterside Flowers won the "National Quality Award of the People's Republic of China --- the High-quality Award" by National Examination and Confirmation Commission of Project Construction Quality.

    October 2012 Tianshan Group won the seventh place of Top 100 Enterprise in Shijiazhuang in 2012.

    December 2012 Chairman of the Board was elected as vice-chairman of China Individual Labour Association upon term change; and deputy director of City Development Professional Committee of China Real Estate Association.

  • In March 2011, Tianshan entered into Beijing and speeded up for the group internationalization.

  • In July 2010, Tianshan development (Holdings) Limited (stock code HK02118) was officially listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange and was the first Hong Kong listed real estate company from Hebei province. Tianshan had officially set foot on the stage of the international capital markets.

  • In March 2007, Tianshan entered into the market of Tianjin. The projects included residential, commercial buildings and the theme park of meter cubic. Two years later, the group came to Shangdong blue economic circle and faced the new development opportunities with the advanced mode of "Urge the people stay by housing development and make the city prosperous by industries development”.

  • In August 2006, the first owners sports meeting of Tianshan was held ceremoniously. The meeting showed the spirit of a private enterprise during socialism establishment and advocated to build the harmonious society.

  • January 2003 Chairman Wu Zhenshan was elected as a NPC member for the tenth National People's Congress.

    June 2003 With rapid development of Tianshan Group, the Hong Kong Office was established and preparations to be listed formally started.

  • In December 2002, Tianshan was established the first science and technology industrial park. The project is built for the industrial estate extension, but also created an industrial park with self proposal for investment. It brought up a new approach for the Hebei industrial parks.

    In January 2002, "Tianshan?Waterside garden villa" project started up officially and made another landmark in the city.

  • In May 2000, the group integrated in resources and improved the company structure. Hence, Hebei Tianshan Industrial Group Co Ltd was established which developed the company from single business to diversity.

  • In August 1999, Tianshan sea world---"AAAA" national tourist attractions and the national largest indoor constant temperature water recreation center came to the market officially. This project was invested and built up by the company independently, make the history of first local recreational fitness industry and rank in the top position of commercial tourism industry in Hebei province.

  • In October, 1998, Tianshan Real Estate Company was established, which opened up and primarily engaged in real estate industry.

  • In February 1997, in order to encourage Tianshan people to step forward, Mr. Wu Zhenshan erected a wordless stele in the company square, and Tianshan spirit was emerged at the moment. This unique company culture was also announced by CCTV “Topics in Focus”.

  • In November 1996, the company won “Total quality management excellence award of national collective construction enterprises for the year of 1996--- Golden House Prize”.

  • From 1992 to 2001, the excellence rate of the unit completed is 100% in ten consecutive years (in 2001, the nation cancelled this standard).

  • March 1987 The Construction Company contracted to build the office building for the Second Grain Depot in Shijiazhuang, which turned out to be the first high-rise building ever constructed.

  • In January 1980, Mr. Wu Zhenshan set up a construction company in Shijiazhuang city in Hebei province. Tianshan Group began to set foot on the market.