The Spirit of Stele Without Inscription: "conformity equals to regression"

Tianshan had excellent rate of unit completed is 100% for five consecutive years in the end of 1990s, but some internal employees began to slack off at this time. In order to enhance the quality awareness, Mr. Wu Zhenshan put up a stele in the center of the group square and specified: if any project is unqualified, it is necessary to carve the name of the project manager on the stele as a sign of shame. But until now, there is no word on the stele. The wordless stele is actually a spirit rooted in the heart of every person in Tianshan, inspiring every generation of Tianshan people to adhere the principle of “Focus on quality, insist on integrity and make reliable brand” and work hard for further development of the group.

On February 28, 1998, with the implementation of the "Construction Law", CCTV “Topics in Focus” interviewed the company and reported its unique culture spirit—“Wordless stele”, causing strong repercussions in the industry.