Tianshan group

founded in 1980.

Tianshan group was founded in 1980 in Hebei and mainly focused on the six business fields including commercial group, industrial group, residential group, capital operation group, construction group and enterprises group. The year 2010 witnessed Tianshan Development (Holding) Limited (Stock Code: HK02118) listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, turning out to be the first ever company in Hebei real estate industry that has independently listed in Hong Kong. Up to now, Tianshan has grown from an obscure construction patrol into a listed group company integrating various operations such as real estate, industries, services and finance into one and with industries spreading all over Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other provinces and cities, is beginning to expand its strategic targets westwards in order to lead the industry with its business scale and comprehensive strength.

Tianshan Group has hold in business operation with the inception of “Forging a hundred years of brand”. Years of stable operation and careful management wins the trust, respect and praise from customers, partners, competitors in the industry and the government. The group has made more than 120 high-quality model projects issued by the national Ministry of construction and other provincial and municipal departments. The excellent rate of projects completed has reached 100% in ten consecutive years and received awards of “National Customer Satisfaction Project”, “Golden Horse”, “Golden House”, “Guangsha Award”, “Golden Ball”, etc. At the same time, the group is also awarded as "Contract-honoring and promise-keeping enterprise", “The national outstanding private enterprise to show loves to the staff”, “The national employment and social security private enterprise”, “Top 100 private enterprises with the most development potential in China”, “The national model collective in earthquake relief in Hebei province”, “2013 top 100 Chinese real estate development companies”, “2013 top 10 real estate national companies”, “National demonstration projects”, “The most social responsibility of enterprises in Shijiazhuang city”, “Harmonious labor relations enterprises in Shijiazhuang city” and so on.

Tianshan Real Estate Company is a flagship of integrated industrial chain of the group. Since the first project of Tianshan·waterside villas in 2002, Tianshan has gradually formed a high turnover and compound real estate development ability. After the project of sea world with national AAAA qualification and the management of Shijiazhuang 20 square kilometers tourist attractions in Panlong lake ecological tourist area, the group began the development and construction of Tianshan world gate which gathering industrialization, commercial, financial and culture alL together in the complex city center of 900 acres or 4 million square meters. Meter cubic is the world's largest indoor tourism projects in the top aqua gym. Several industrial parks in Shijiazhuang and other areas made the group became as industrial real estate corporation with proposal for investment, construction and operation. After the waterside villas, the group took efforts to build the tenth generation of high quality villas “Wonderful Waterside Villas/View” as a new brand. Currently the business has covered villas, houses, high-rise apartments, office buildings, commercial centers and other large entertainment formats. The group's overall strategic planning is based on Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, aims at extending the business across the country. Dozen of offices were established in various provinces and cities to provide completive products, product recognization and bring return and contribution to the society.

Tianshan provides high-quality products and services, and also adheres to become good corporate citizen with social responsibility, long-term commitment in housing security, poverty relief, environmental protection, civic education, employment promotion, harmonious community and other public welfare. The group regularly organizes poverty alleviation activities each year and participated in the fight against SARS, Wenchuan, Yushu earthquake relief and rescue, donating large amount of money to poor people and sending the construction company to the site for post-disaster reconstruction. The group also works in social responsibility, funding for the construction, for example, hope primary schools and kindergartens in Zanhuang and Nanzhuang Eight One hope primary school in Baoding. Up to now, Tianshan has invested a lot of capital, manpower, material and various resources to the charity.

Although confronting a lot of difficulties in the beginning, Tianshan Group had been developing stably and rapidly to become one of the economic corporation pillar in Yanzhao area and the enterprise model in northern China. Nowadays, Tianshan Group are striding on the way to be a centennial enterprises group.